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The first book in the Offstone Publishing stable, The Great North East Brewery Guide is a celebration of all that is great about great beer and breweries in the region and is brought to you by the team at Cheers magazine.

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Brewery Guides
Brewery Guides
Brewery Guides
Brewery Guides

The inspiration

The region’s brewers are a dedicated lot, charismatic people with individual traits that influence the beer they brew. And we don’t half brew good beer here, and that’s what The Great North East Brewery Guide celebrates.

There are now more than 2,000 breweries operating in the UK, around 60 of them in our region, taking the growth of breweries in the past five years to 64%. The North East has enjoyed a similar percentage rise in craft brewery start-ups, many of them by former home-brewers inspired by public demand for adventurous flavours.

We’re all benefiting from better quality beer and more choice, plus the altruistic notion that we’re each in our small way contributing to a fiercely independent movement and doing our bit for the growth of the local economy.

Beer can be as simple or as sophisticated as we wish it to be. Breweries produce it, but never forget, it’s people who make it and people who drink it.

Where to buy

The Great North East Brewery Guide (Offstone Publishing, £15) is available from the 35 breweries featured in the book plus pubs, off-licences, bottle shops, independent bookshops, Waterstones and – click here to buy your copy