Melynda Jayne

A high-end Fashion retailer

Project scope

Started in 2015, Kelly wanted to run an exclusive, high-end fashion boutique. Her personal shopping approach is unique to Melynda Jayne and her clients get the red carpet treatment from the moment they arrive. Ideal for clients with busy social or professional calendars, a private boutique appointment ensures there is time dedicated, just for them, to find the perfect outfit for that special occasion.


Offstone have been working with Kelly from the start, advising on marketing strategies and helping to build her brand.

Services provided

Graphic design

Project management

Social media


Creative solutions

Melynda Jayne
Melynda Jayne
Melynda Jayne
Melynda Jayne
Melynda Jayne

Core values

Experience, style, quality and class are the four core values that you can find at Melynda Jayne Boutique.

Client Feedback

Offstone has been brilliant! I trust them to deliver a solution to anything I’ve thrown at them. Reliable and resilient its like having my own marketing department. – Kelly Simpkin