Case Study

Hexham Abbey

Branding, PR & website design

Project scope

We won the tender to brand, market and create a PR campaign for the abbey as it went through the biggest development in its 1,343-year history, growing from parish church into a major visitor attraction.

What we did


Advertising Design

Art direction

Graphic design


Website design



Social media

Brand development

Our new brand for the abbey was designed to merge the contemporary with the historic, creating a contemporary feel for this ancient place of worship to help it to attract clients to its new visitor centre and events space whilst retaining its core values of worship and community.

Making its mark

The abbey’s new visitor centre had to compete with a region full of historic attractions. Our PR and marketing campaigns were developed to attract a new audience to this medieval treasure trove.


Our website for the abbey was designed to attract new audiences to the visitor centre, cafe and events spaces whilst remaining true to the abbey’s Christian mission.

Hexham Abbey
Hexham Abbey

Marketing and PR success

Our range of marketing materials was designed to appeal to tourists, family visitors, history buffs, Christian pilgrims and the local congregation. Combined with a PR campaign which won local and national coverage, visitor numbers exceeded the client’s expectations.

Building a new image

We also guided the client through the lengthy building and restoration stage of the project, our site hoardings helping to convey the abbey’s new image and future attractions at the earliest stage of the build.